Fire Pits

Our unique range of gas fire pits and fire bowls are designed to increase your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces and lengthen the time for which you can comfortably occupy your garden, patio or balcony.

The gas patio heaters and garden fires are available in a wide choice of finishes and colours, in either natural or ECO stone to suit the space they are to occupy. Specially designed fire beds and gas fittings are manufactured in an attractive stainless steel for durability and then fitted to the appropriate fire pit, fire bowl or fire table to complete a unique ‘outside fire’ with a sophisticated or rustic appearance, as required.

The outdoor gas heaters are all designed to conform to the CE approval with which they are marked. Operation of these attractive and practical, outdoor gas fires is very simple and they are extremely easy to light. Installation requires no specialist skills being restricted to connecting the gas bottle to the fire, using the hose supplied and placing the ceramic firewood or alternative fire media.

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Snowdon Fire Pit


New in stock, our hand made Welsh slate and oak fire pit. Produced in our work shop in the Llyn Peninsula, this fire pit will look amazing in any garden. The slate is sourced from a local quarry in the heart of Snowdonia.

The name represent the mountain of Snowdon for it natural beauty and its close proximity to the quarry where the slate is sourced.

The base is manufactured by our local carpenter from the seaside town of Cricieth. The high quality finish is made of solid chunky oak.

This fire pit will generate the heat needed to keep you warm when entertaining your guests on a summers eve.

Contact us for more information on these bespoke Snowdon fire tables.

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Lunar Bowl

£995.00 + VAT

A fire bowl in a contemporary design, intended to form the centrepiece feature for a spectacular patio, deck or other well ventilated space; the ‘Lunar Bowl’ makes a style statement that will leave a lasting impression on your guests or clients.

The attraction is not only the beautiful and natural appearance of this patio heater; the physical comfort of those in the vicinity is greatly improved not only by the actual increase in surrounding temperature but by the important psychological perception provided by the visible flames, easily controllable in this gas powered fire pit.

Available in either ‘stone grey’ or ‘Cotswold cream’ this fire pit is cast in GRC with a smooth surface finish and will provide hours of significant heat. Complete with gas bottle cover and full weather cover for the fire pit it is priced at £995 plus Vat (excluding delivery).

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Manhattan Table

£995.00 + VAT

The Manhattan Table is a gas powered fire pit in a classical design, its angular well defined lines will complement the most modern architecture. This is the way to impress your visitors with a very special feature, a fire pit, to make your outdoor space a ‘room’ apart. The attraction is not only the beautiful appearance of this patio heater and its living flame but the added comfort for your guests.

Available in a ‘grey stone effect’ finish this gas powered fire pit is manufactured in GRC, with a smooth finish and the substantial piece remains a very flexible, portable fire pit. The Manhattan Table will provide significant heat whilst adding to the ambience of your surroundings with its aesthetically pleasing flames and glowing coals.

An attractive patio heater at the attractive price of £995 plus VAT (excluding delivery) with a weather proof cover and matching gas bottle cover.

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Amish Table

£1,445.00 + VAT

The Amish Table is a gas powered fire pit designed with a blend of traditional and classical looks so that it will sit perfectly in any outdoor space. The simplicity of the design is sure to delight all who view it and together with the practicality of the available table space around the ‘fire pit’ it is a very useful piece of furniture.

Built using solid Ash Wood for the frame and topped with natural blue stone that has a ‘leather’ finish this LPG powered heater will add significantly to the appearance of its surroundings. With its aesthetically pleasing flames and glowing coals it will provide significant heat.

This stunning fire table has a price tag of £1,445 plus VAT (excluding delivery).

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Workshop Coffee Table

£1,750.00 + VAT

Classical lines define the ‘Workshop Coffee Table’ fire pit. A major encouragement to make full use of your outdoor space this gas powered fire pit with its elegant lines will provide a great degree of warmth and comfort.

Made from natural materials ‘worked’ by craftsmen for a superior finish the angular Ash Wood frame and real stone top will last a lifetime. The aesthetic appeal of the unit together with the practical advantage of a patio heater and the psychological perception formed by the flickering flame and glowing coals make this a significant addition to any outside lounging area.

The ‘Workshop Coffee Table’ is 152cm long x 92cm wide and stands 44cm high, a sophisticated and high quality piece of furniture to be admired. This portable fire pit can easily be moved from place to place and carries a CE mark of approval. The retail price of this fabulous fire table is £1,750 plus VAT (excluding delivery).

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